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GOAL: Unlock value by translating complicated science into easy to understand financial forecasts and valuations for investors.



Life sciences is an attractive industry with strong growth drivers such as the ageing of the western population, increasing prosperity in emerging countries, and a better understanding of the underlying cause of disease.


With more than two-thirds of known diseases still lacking adequate treatment, there is yet a long way to go, with many attractive investment opportunities in pharmaceuticals, biologicals, diagnostics, and medical technology.



For most investors, life sciences is a complex industry with many pitfalls, including, clinical setbacks, regulatory requirements, patent cliffs, and ongoing health care reform.


On top of this, the financial crisis has led to a significant reduction in the number of financial specialists covering the industry. Now, many small, listed companies are no longer covered by financial analysts.


Private companies have an even greater difficulty in assessing the value of their technology, which is needed to fund the next steps in development or commercialization. As a result, we believe there is a lot of hidden value in the life science industry.



We provide a simple 3-step approach to unlock this hidden value. Our aim is to translate complicated science into easy-to-understand financial forecasts and valuations, provide a clear road map to profitability, highlighting both risks and opportunities, and share this.


Our products and services are tailor-made for public and privately held life science companies, and institutional investors.


valuationLAB - Financial analysis for the life science industry.